What you’ll find here

A poorly planned collection of travel photos, recommendations, and how I planned and packed for the trip. This is mostly for my own benefit as I like to post mortem almost everything in life and trips is one of those things.

What went well? What didn’t? What did I pack that I didn’t use or wear? What did I live in during the trip?

What’s in it for you, dear reader

Food and sightseeing recommendations for the different places I’ve been to.

Travel stuff advice [0]. I’m trying to get it perfect, so I have a lot of opinions.

[0] “Travel stuff” being bags, clothes, accessories, tech accessories, SIM card advice, IDK, basically anything that I’ve spent a lot of time optimizing and think I found what is best for me, or maybe I’m still looking.

Who am I

Deep question, hard to answer. I’m an okay photographer, a reader more than a writer, who took 15+ flights over 10 hrs each in 2019 but yet didn’t crack Platinum level for Aer Lingus :shakes-fist:

I’m a Scorpio, an ENFJ (the “E” is contested), enneagram 3 (I think). I’m an American living in Ireland. Last year I had a goal of reading 80 books; I read 25. I work too much to have hobbies, but 2020 is the year that changes.

Trained professional coach, degree in geography I do not use, always learning (and failing, and sometimes succeeding).

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